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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules Icon_minitimeThu Jul 02, 2009 5:26 am

Server Rules

On L2WorldUK we're hoping PvP warfare, questing and partying may move a step closer to what the Developers initially envisioned, without random griefing ruining normal gameplay so the rules as such are pretty basic.

1) Botting:
The use of Walker/Bots is not allowed on L2WorldUK, if you wish to have buffs etc to take on a particular Mob/Raid then party with someone who plays a Buffer etc. or create a Dual Boxed support char.
This also applies to 'Crafting' Bots.... make a character to make/sell what you want or buy it (if possible) from another player/shop

2) Do not disrespect the GMs.

3) Shout Channel
Convo's in Global Chat are to be spoken in English only. Players continually not doing so will be first asked politely to stop, failing that they will be warned followed by Zaks 'Correctional Therapy'.

4) Abusive language and obscenities in globalup
We have a wide age range on L2WorldUK which includes children ~ obscenities/abusive language is a no-go!

5) Terrain Exploitationup
Shooting/using spells through walls, gates, doors, large rocks. Also, Healing or Buffing from spawn point during PVP or PK falls under this category.

6) Griefing - PKing someone 30 levels lower than yourself.
(except clan wars at the time of PK)
APROOVED 1st Offense: up to 3 day Ban
2nd Offense: up to 7 level delevel, and/or up to 3 day ban
3rd Offense: up to 15 level delevel, and/or up to 7 day ban
4th Offense: Permaban

8 ) Dualboxing: dualboxing allowed

9) Scamming :till to 5 day ban, Name Change

10) Clan Wars

Only clans with level 3 or higher may declare war on another clan.
Only clans with over five members may be challenged.
Clan war cannot be declared on an allied clan.

11) PK
No killing in newbie areas.
No spawn killing.
No killing of the same char more than 3 times in an hour(exept in clan Wars).
No killing of characters patently below your level(exept in clan Wars).

12) Mob luring
Don't lure mobs into villages.
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PostSubject: Re: Server Rules   Server Rules Icon_minitimeThu Mar 11, 2010 1:49 pm

any castle owning clan is not allowed to conduct a siege against a fortress in their realm

this rule is a temporary solution, we are working on an fix which will make this exploit impossible
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Server Rules
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