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 Server upgarde 2010-01-23

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Server upgarde 2010-01-23 Empty
PostSubject: Server upgarde 2010-01-23   Server upgarde 2010-01-23 Icon_minitimeFri Jan 22, 2010 3:18 am

Fix to summon status
Tidy up to GM commands
Fix for Kamael rush skills
Zone fixes
Fix for setting manor
Fishing Mobs update
Increased max clan level to 11
40 tokens for non classed oly win
Configurable class master - Giants codex available
Crystal Caverns fix
Vanguard Improvements
Missing HTML and items update
Boost Morale change
Fix for Icarus Kamael Weapons
MultiSell Update
Correction to Soul Shock enchant
Correction to Aura of hate and Aggression enchant
Pet skills update
Fix to Apella Armour bonuses
Skill reuse fixes
Transform skills update
Quest fixes

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Server upgarde 2010-01-23
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