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 Terrorty Wars

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PostSubject: Terrorty Wars   Terrorty Wars Icon_minitimeSat Apr 17, 2010 2:56 pm

OK this is new and I dont know a lot but here issome of what i do know:

Well, we just had a 2-hour long Territory war on the server for thefirst time!
I figure lots of peeps havn't heard about it, or seen it; so I'll try and give an outline.

A clan must own the castle you are trying to take the ward from. If you take the ward from a castle there are some special quests to enable ourselves to be owners of our respective towns.

Before the war started it was unclear what would take place, 20 minutes before the war starts youre able to use scrolls to hide your name or transform into a guardian for the territory you signed up in (as long as you dont belog to the defending castle-owning clan). (nb. if you want to attack Dion, don't signup in Dion!).

When the war starts it starts giving you quests (listed under "special" in the new quest window). (You get defensive quests appearing as your own NPCs are attacked), but the main agressive quest basically requires your Territory guardians and clans signed up for you to attack any other *occupied* Territory. Through a long process of elimination we figured out that you first need to destroy a "catapult" protected by NPCs at the enemy Territories' Fortress. Once this is done, you then move to the enemy castle, and finally to the 'ward'. Once captured, the ward carrier moves *VERY slowly* no matter what buffs and has to 'walk' all the way back to your own castle. This takes a long time, and provides for much PvP on the way. The flag can be recaptured and taken back to your own castle. Once a ward/flag is brought back from the enemy castle to your castle, you 'capture' it like you do in a fortress seige. This does NOT end the Territory war; you need to protect the ward you captured and keep it in your castle.

After the 2 hours are finished, you get XP reward (I got 890kXP/89kSP) but you need to talk to the Territory manager (of your own town) to get badges. I got 17 Badges for 2 hour participation; some got as many as 40 (a bishop). When you have these, you can view rewards from the same NPC. These included belt pins and pouches (from 4 to 32 badges), BSoE to your town (40 badges), special Apella armor (few hundred badges), and S grade weapons with restrictions on smelting (those cost 800 badges). Incidentally becoming noble cost 100 badges.

If you destroy the catapult it should despawn the guard . Make sure you look at your special quests. Anyone who knows more please add and let everyone know.

Also we realize thiswill be a hardship for people in other time zones as this starts and ends on server time. It lasts 2 hours. GM's and ADMIN are working on solutions to some of this.

Hope you had fun but sorry we didnt put any info out on this before hand.

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Terrorty Wars
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