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 Mini Event Day : Saturday 15 MAy

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PostSubject: Mini Event Day : Saturday 15 MAy   Sun May 09, 2010 8:00 am

Saturday 15 MAy ~2pm GMT

There shall be a number of mini-events with prizes run next Saturday.

The first event shall be The Evolution Race

This shall consist of a race to see who can follow a trail through primeval island furthest before they die.....
Did I mention, No equipment, No mounts and no stealth?

There will be other events to be announced later.

Prizes will come from Saphiryons Lost Loot (The equipment he donated to me for server event prizes).

Also the prizes will be scalled to the server population at the time. The more REAL players logged in, the bigger the prizes will be, so get on Yahoo and MSN, and make sure all your friends log in to up your loot for the events Smile

I would also love to hear any mini event suggestions you have for the day and will try to incorporate as many of tham as possable.
Finally if you wish to add a prize in to the events, please contact me here or ingame, you and your guild will be creditd for any prizes you throw in.

(on a side note and to let me get away with saying more after I said "Finally" I am looking to start up regular mini event days and also player sponsored events, where players run events and supply prizes, and gm's faciutate the events with promotion, announcements, teleporting etc and if they are particularly cool, we may throw in a little extra incentives....
Please feel free to coontact me at any time with ideas, suggestions or for information about these)
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Posts : 115
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PostSubject: Re: Mini Event Day : Saturday 15 MAy   Fri May 14, 2010 7:39 am

Event Lineup will be.

Evolution Race
Se who can follow a trail accross dino isle the furthest before dying.
No stealth, no mounts, no equipment Smile

Just be glad you dont take falling damage in L2J. In this event you will be jumping of wyverns from a great height and trying to hit a target.
You are not allowed to move after hitting the ground. You are not alowed to stop in the air. Chose your flight line, close your eyes, and dismount Smile
Wyverns will be provided, (and collected afterwords. Any attempts at stealing a gm wyvern will result in very very bad things happening to your MAIN character).

The Pig Race
You are a pig. Im not just being offensive, you really will be a pig for this event.
You will set of from Giran, you will race to Giran Castle.
Pigs cant fly. Pigs cant ride mounts. Pigs are forbidden to use scrolls of teleportation, especially to castle...... (yeah, we will be watching for that)

and finally....

Old Macdonalds TvT
Good old TvT. Pink Pigs Vs Gold Pigs.
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Mini Event Day : Saturday 15 MAy
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